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Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes; it is not something physical. - Sophia Loren

About Lara Ballis

lara-balis-headshot-splendenteLara has been a practicing medical esthetician since 2003.  She has worked under prominent doctors in San Francisco including Dr. James Romano, Dr. Scott Mosser and Dr. Patrick Bitter, Sr..  Training and working in the medical esthetics environment has given her a vast knowledge of many different skin conditions and treatment solutions.   After graduating with a Psychology degree from the University of San Diego, she spent 5 years in management positions and HR related fields, but stumbled upon her passion for esthetics around 2003. After 7 years of working for others while gaining an immense amount of experience and advanced clinical training, she opened Splendente Skin Care in 2010.

Splendente specializes in giving clinical-strength treatments with a strong emphasis on relaxation.  It is the perfect marriage of medical results-driven techniques and a blissful spa experience.  Treatments are always customized to the individual’s skin at the time of service.  A consultation is done at the beginning of each treatment to create a customized treatment plan. Lara believes that each client should be educated about their skin so they can make the best future decisions regarding skin care and choices.

Lara treats all skin types and colors while specializing in acne and pigmented or discolored skin.  She believes in balancing the skin. When everything is balanced, skin condition will improve.  Through constant research and training,  Lara has become knowledgeable about nutrition and how it affects the skin. Her goal is to create a perfect balance on the skin and inside the body. She has created unique, one-of-a-kind treatments to address all of this.

Splendente utilizes two main product lines that aid in correcting these skin issues: VI DERM and VISUAL CHANGES. Both lines represent the perfect combination of natural plant-derived and clinical strength ingredients.  Lara uses the least toxic products that will still affect the skin in a positive way.

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